Flags and Rifles

Here’s something neat: Mozambique is the only country to have a modern rifle on its flag. It’s an AK-47. They don’t mess around in Mozambique. Wikipedia tells me the assault rifle is meant to symbolize defence and vigilance. This is the flag:

mozambique flag

The only other country (I think) to feature a gun on its flag is Guatemala. It’s got two of them. But these rifles are more old-timey, almost quaint. The Guatemalan flag also features a pair of crossed swords. The crossed swords are a symbol of victory; the crossed rifles are a symbol of defence. Interesting.

guatemala flag

All of this flag talk really gets me thinking about our own flag design. And about this Part of our Heritage commercial that so beautifully captures the 1964 design debate. (Fun fact: I’m pretty sure the first time I heard the name John Diefenbaker was during this commercial.)



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