The Friday That Never Was

A few years ago, Samoa skipped Friday. They jumped from one side of the international date line to the other. For trade purposes.

This is a nice little article about the shift. There are a lot of interesting angles here. There are the angered tourism companies who made money marketing the Samoan sunset as the very last sunset of the day. There are the clever tourism companies who now make money marketing double birthdays (after you celebrate your birthday in Samoa, you can just hop across the date line to American Samoa and celebrate it all over again). But maybe the best is the conflict this created in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. What’s the seventh day of the week when you skip Friday? When’s the Sabbath?!!

I like the idea of a lost day. Friday, Dec. 30 ,2011 is a day that just never existed in Samoa.


*photo by WonderWhy


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