Spring Reading

Spring is here, finally. Though, personally, I proclaim winter to be over the moment Daylight Savings Time kicks in. In any case, here’s some spring reading:

An article I wrote on green funeral options is out in the current issue of Maisonneuve. Check it out, if you ever plan on planning a funeral. Sticking with the death theme…an essay I wrote about our cultural relationship with death is out in the next issue of the The New Quarterly.

Happy Spring!


Summer Reading

Some fun news this month!

A memoir piece I wrote is out in the current issue of Prairie Fire. It’s about trapeze training. And about dead dads. High-flying adventure! And sadness.

Also out this month is my short story “Love Me Like a Python.” It appears in the summer issue of The Feathertale Review. This magazine is all humour all the time. Check it out. It’s got a monkey on the cover. You can also read the story here.