Spring Reading

Spring is here, finally. Though, personally, I proclaim winter to be over the moment Daylight Savings Time kicks in. In any case, here’s some spring reading:

An article I wrote on green funeral options is out in the current issue of Maisonneuve. Check it out, if you ever plan on planning a funeral. Sticking with the death theme…an essay I wrote about our cultural relationship with death is out in the next issue of the The New Quarterly.

Happy Spring!


Winter Reading

An essay I wrote about chronic boredom is out in the current issue of Grain. Check it out…if you’re bored. Ha ha.

It’s also kind of about sex, death, and Calvin and Hobbes.

Summer Reading

Some fun news this month!

A memoir piece I wrote is out in the current issue of Prairie Fire. It’s about trapeze training. And about dead dads. High-flying adventure! And sadness.

Also out this month is my short story “Love Me Like a Python.” It appears in the summer issue of The Feathertale Review. This magazine is all humour all the time. Check it out. It’s got a monkey on the cover. You can also read the story here.